Rebecca Jane’s warm, clear and extremely versatile voice has enhanced the image of many of today’s leading brands such as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Avon Cosmetics and the international voice for Honda.

Using her own studio with ISDN allows her to record scripts with clients all over the world, as well as in the UK. She can also record dry voice scripts as MP3 or Wav files that can be emailed if ISDN is not convenient.

Whether you require a voice that’s warm and engaging, slow and sultry, commanding and authoritative (or somewhere in between!), Rebecca Jane delivers with ease all the while retaining a distinctive edge.

Tone isn’t everything, however; Rebecca Jane can also span the generations, from the young energy of teenager through to the reassuring authority of a middle-aged woman.

Rebecca Jane incorporates elements of her musical training in her daily work; applying split second timing whilst cutting through complex phrases with carefully controlled ease.

Whatever the job, be it a simple voice recording or large scale production please get in touch via the contact page. In the meantime you can listen to her here.

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Rebecca Jane Voicover

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